Terms & Conditions

This information outlines the benefits and service available as part of the AHG Roadside Assist Standard Plan. This plan is not an insurance contract, vehicle extended warranty contract, personal injury contract nor is it voidable or refundable. In cases of mechanical breakdown, AHG Roadside Assist requires that there be no fault on the part of the owner/driver for the vehicle failure. Costs of mechanical repairs and maintenance, unless covered by a separate warranty are the responsibility of the owner (subject to applicable legislation). AHG reserves the right to amend or withdraw service where utilisation is excessive due to lack of preventative maintenance or failure to rectify any recurring fault. AHG reserve the right to change, or terminate the conditions of its Roadside Assist program at its discretion, at any time. Customers who claim this policy must have their vehicle registered under the AHG Roadside Assistance program for a minimum of 48 hours prior to claim, or fees and charges will apply.

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